Disease Ecology of California Red Foxes

Fox laying in the snow



IERC is working with several collaborators to investigate the disease ecology of both the Sierra Nevada red fox (Vulpes vulpes necator) and the Sacramento Valley red fox (Vulpes vulpes patwin). These two California native foxes are isolated and the risks from pathogens, parasites or toxicants are unknown. We are incorporating serological and molecular techniques to determine whether these sensitive carnivores have been exposed to or infected with a wide spectrum of pathogens and parasites known to be detrimental for canids.

IERC is working with the University of California Davis and the California Department of Fish and Game, Wildlife Investigations Lab, in generating data towards this important aspect of red fox conservation. We hope that information gained from these investigations will help inform managers and policy makers of the risks these isolated populations may be facing.


California Red Fox Collaborators:

California Department of Fish & Game UC Davis Veterinary Medicine